Deployless cloud backends with AI-generated code

Darklang is going AI-first. Read our blog post to learn more, or join the waitlist for early access.


Darklang is a platform and language to easily develop backend cloud applications. You can build tiny applications to connect two services, or large scale applications with tens of thousands of users. Code is written using AI and instantly and safely deployed on our hosted platform.

Invisible infrastructure

Language-native HTTP handlers, DBs, CRONs and queues, without thinking about servers, containers, or deployment


  • Catch webhooks, connect vendors, build prototypes and internal tools, or scale to 10,000s of users
  • Pay for what you use

Package Manager

  • Connect to thousands of vendors and tools using built-in SDKs
  • Build and share your own packages with your team and the community


  • Build pipelines of AI-enabled code
  • Safely generate and execute code from your users’ prompts


  • UX designed for AI-generated code
  • Build AI-centric applications, or just build applications using AI

No lock-in

  • Export your data at any time
  • Use AI to translate and export Darklang code to any language

Darklang is built in the open and supported by our community of users. You can watch our repo on GitHub, join the Discord, or sponsor our work.

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