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Dark is a new way of building serverless backends. Just code your backend, with no infra, framework or deployment nightmares. Build APIs, CRUD apps, internal tools and bots - whatever your backend needs.

The classic version of darklang is still accessible but is currently in maintenance mode, with no ongoing development. Darklang-next is the next iteration of Dark, applicable to both the cloud runtime and to local scripts and CLIs

Internal Tools & Bots Dark is ideal for quickly building slackbots and automating internal tools. Receive webhooks live, call out to 3rd party APIs, store data, and schedule jobs - while building no infrastructure.

Read more about using dark with Slack

REST APIs & Webhooks Set up an API endpoint quickly enough to use it as a proof of concept during a call. Immediately see the data from a webhook to your endpoint. Call an external API using the HttpClient library and see responses within the editor, or use workers to do them in the background. Use the built-in package manager to make external API calls really easily, and contribute your own API integrations. CRUD apps Get a working CRUD application in less than ten minutes by setting up a few API endpoints and a datastore. Build out the backend for a web or mobile app, whether a simple HTML form or an entire product.
AnyBackend That Requires...
API Endpoints Data Stores Background Workers Scheduled Jobs

Dark lets you build any backend that needs API endpoints, data stores, background workers, scheduled jobs, and calling HTTP APIs. You just write the code in Dark, and we'll manage the rest.

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