How we work:

We want this to be the best job we've had, and the best job you've had. A few things we care about:


We have a huge mission, but you don’t boil the ocean all at once. We look for tangible progress every single day. We don’t believe in sitting in a room alone to build a platform. Progress means coming up with a hypothesis, building it out, and testing it with our users.

Supportive Process

We want to get things done and we care about communication, transparency, and autonomy. We don’t think you should be sitting in meetings all day, but we do think a good process helps. Right now we sit at a table together and check in hourly. If a process isn’t working, we remove it or experiment until we find one that does. We believe the best process is nearly invisible.

Personal Improvement

We’re committed to helping you do your best work yet. We have lots of challenging problems to solve and a small team, so everyone will be learning new skills. But, that’s just one type of learning. Have a question you worry is stupid? Not here. Want to figure out a better way to use your energy during the day? We’ll help. Want to master pomodoro? We can try it together. We’ve been there, and we’ll help you figure it out.


We know this industry has systemic problems. We want you to bring your unique experience to the team, and that can include your family, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, level of ability, race, education, age, and much more. As a company, we’ll be stronger with more perspectives. Inclusion is about much more than numbers, but we will track stats to hold ourselves accountable. We’re not afraid to talk about hard problems (see here, here).

Sound like the type of place you want to work?

We're hiring for:

We make competitive offers (salary + flexible benefits + equity).

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